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currently no classes - Hatha Yoga in Brisbane
(english and german)

yoga classes:

can always join Yoga I without booking; I teach a very relaxed yoga style with a major focus on breathing, holding asanas and relaxation;

advanced yoginis and students who already have been practising other yoga styles and want to learn kriya yoga, kundalini kriyas and advanced pranayama can join Yoga I and II. Even if you practise advanced Ashtanga- or Iyengar Yoga you will have to be able to hold postures for 5-10 minutes, learn advanced pranayama, yoga nidra (total relaxation) as this is fundamental training in order to start with kriya yoga and kundalini kriyas.

Yoga I:
beginner and advanced students
basic asanas and pranayama, final relaxation

Yoga II: Asanas, Pranayama, Mudras, Bandhas
asana variations, pranayama and yoga nidra / relaxation, meditation

Yoga III: Asanas, Pranayama, Meditation
yoga for more advanced students, advanced pranayama,
long holding of basic asanas and variations, yoga flow,
energy work, raja yoga and advanced forms of meditation

Yoga IV: Pranayama, Meditation, Kundalini Kriyas

only for advanced students, advanced asanas with
kundalini kriyas, pranayama, meditation, sometimes
kriya yoga

Yoga V: Raja Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Vedanta
Basic 9 Kundalini Kriyas
20 Advanced Kundalini Kriyas
Higher Kriyas
Advanced Raja Yoga
Advanced Tantric Techniques
Siddha Yoga


proYOGA - Hatha Yoga
Yoga I - description of yoga class:

90 minutes
short relaxation
surya namaskar (sun salutation)
12 basic postures and simple variations
basic elements of yoga flow
kriyas (energy exercises)
final relaxation
short meditation

what you need to bring with:
comfortable clothes, yoga mat

Ashtanga Yoga
I especially teach many elements of raja yoga and deeper understanding of
yoga sutras of patanjali:

ASANAS - body postures
PRANAYAMA - all kinds of breathing techniques to control the flow of prana
PRATYAHARA - withdrawal of the senses
DHARANA - concentration techniques to clean nadis, kriya yoga
DHYANA - meditation

(many people confuse true tantric traditional ashtanga yoga with the today well known "ashtanga yoga" which is basically only 6 series of physical body postures and ujjay breathing; true ashtana yoga means to understand the 8 - fold way of yoga as mentioned in the yoga sutras of patanjali; modern ashtanga yoga is a good practise and preparation for hatha yoga, nevertheless in most western yoga shalas there is definitly NO knowledge about nadis, chakras and the systematic development of raja yoga and kundalini vidya as thought in the yoga school of bihar, the yoga vedanta forest academy and authentic indian yoga masters, even if the teachers may be able to show awesome asanas; I have been critised a lot to mention this but original traditional hatha yoga and raja yoga means that the yogi understands all the basic nadis, chakras, learns basic sanskrit and uses kundalini kriyas while doing asanas; without that knowledge "yoga" is nothing but a word for a eastern form of aerobic; many modern western students practise decades of asanas without any knowledge about the essence of yoga; in india many swamis and yogis DONT practise asanas at all as they focus on breathing, concentration and meditation, the major elements of raja and kundalini yoga)

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